Fox River Middle School

Good afternoon,

This letter is in response to information that has been posted on social media concerning an incident that occurred at Fox River Middle School on Wednesday, April 28.  

During the 8th grade lunch period, students reported to an aide that another student threatened to shoot up the class and/or shoot a student.  Building administration conducted an investigation that included interviewing many of the students from the class. They found that there were no consistent stories from the students. The story that is being communicated through social media about threats of violence was not generated until after school and not substantiated.

To be absolutely clear, we work through a protocol that has been dictated by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. We make decisions based on the evidence that we discover. Our evidence provided little indication that a threat was even made. However, in the event that it was made, we continued to follow the process of conducting a full threat assessment and communicating with the police out of an abundance of caution, which produced a conclusion of no credibility. The police affirmed that the situation was handled appropriately.

The idea that Fox River staff did not respond to the situation is simply false. The use of social media to create a false narrative of events and repetition of false information is harmful to all of our students.  

At this time, we will continue to work with students to develop appropriate behaviors and responses to difficult situations.  Some students may be worried because these allegations are real to them and we respect that.  If your student is experiencing anxiety, please reach out to our counselors at Fox River. 

Finally, we want to remind all students and families about Speak Up Speak Out Wisconsin. This is the confidential reporting system that is available 24 hours/365 days a year. You can submit a tip by calling (text messages will not be received) 1-800-MY-SUSO-1 to speak to a live, trained dispatcher, or you can submit a report electronically by clicking here. The electronic reporting form is available on the Fox River website and can be found by clicking on the Menu Button.

Ed Brzinski,
District Administrator