Congratulations to Liz Bartlett and Shelly Wagner! Both have completed a two year training from the New Teacher Center on Mentoring. CESA 2 offers a two-year training using the Research-Based, national New Teacher Center Mentor Training. The research has shown 2-5 months growth in Math and ELA for the students of the new teacher when being mentored by a mentor who has had this training. It also shows growth in the mentor and higher retention for both the mentor and the new teacher. The training is highly instructional with training on the tools and observation methods to use to improve the instructional practice of the new teacher and get results for their students! New teachers who receive this mentoring achieve the results of a more veteran teacher after just two years of being mentored. The training is very rigorous and involves lots of work and practice outside of the training time. Once again, Congratulations to both Liz and Shelly!