Waterford Graded School District

Safe Schools

It shall be the policy of the School Board of Education to take every reasonable precaution to establish and maintain safe and healthful facilities for the benefit of the students, employees, visitors, patrons and all others having business with the school district. The schools shall comply with all regulations, state codes and orders of the Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations, and the Department of Health and Social Services and all applicable local safety and health codes and regulations. ​


The purpose of the Safety Committee is to provide and maintain a safe environment for all employees, students, contractors, vendors, and the general public by:

  • Identifying and correcting safety and health hazards.

  • Evaluating and following-up on all accidents.

  • Conducting periodic job site inspections.

  • Advising and assisting management in the development and implementation of appropriate safety programs.

  • Assuring all employees are appropriately trained in various safe practices including the use of tools and hazardous materials.