Join our heart heroes!

We have officially kicked off our annual Kids Heart Challenge. Kids Heart Challenge focuses on heart-healthy habits while giving students the opportunity to help others in our community. Please be sure to ask your child about our service learning project and what they can do to make a difference. The first part of the Kids Heart Challenge is to encourage students to take care of their own hearts by making healthy choices such as choosing water over sugary drinks; exercising for 60 minutes a day; doing one act of kindness a day. Participation is simple. All you have to do is help your student Register Online via this link:


For your efforts, every REGISTERED student will get a free Virtual Wristband with a secret code. Please refer to this Virtual Envelope  to reveal the secret codes throughout Kids heart Challenge. You can help us reach our online registration goals by clicking the link OR by downloading the Kids Heart Challenge App. With the app, your child will be able to scan their heart heroes as they earn them throughout the challenge. Your student is going to love watching the Heart Heroes “come to life”. The app will also give you access to our family fitness tracker which allows everyone in your household to participate in fitness fun!  I hope you will enjoy the virtual experience as much as we have!  Thank you in advance for helping us encourage our students to be heart healthy while helping others. Please click this link to get started:


Prefer to use our fun App… Download the app to watch your heart heroes come to life while saving lives on the go. Search Kids Heart Challenge in the android or apple store