Class of 2022  Fox River Apparel

Store has been re-opened  -- Orders are due by noon Monday 03/07.

Below please find the link and password to order 8th grade graduation year 2022 apparel. 

This apparel order is open to all Fox River students, families, and staff.  If you would like your item to include the year 2022 and the signatures of the 8th grade students on the back, please select YES – this item is for an 8th grader.  Selecting YES will add $1.75 to the cost of the item.

If you select NO -- your apparel item will not contain the 8th grade signatures or the year 2022 on the back and will only have the Falcon logo on the front.

Orders are due by Monday 3/07 noon.    At that time orders will be processed and delivered to school for distribution.


Code:  FOX2022