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Bus Transportation


All bus information call: 262-910-1310

Terminal Manager
Virginia Boomfield
(262) 910-1310 ext. 30222

Physical Address:
Waterford Terminal
515 Elizabeth St.
Waterford, WI 53185


The bus is an extension of the school. In general, all school expectations of behavior and conduct apply to students on the bus.

  • Follow the direction of the bus driver at all times.

  • Be safe at the bus stop and getting on the bus.

    • Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

    • Line up in a straight line while waiting for the bus. There should be no pushing or shoving when boarding the bus.

    • Stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus.

    • Wait for the driver’s hand signal when crossing any street or road with red lights and stop arm.

    • Be a “defensive rider” – put safety first at all times.

  • Remain seated in assigned seat unless driver grants permission to move.

    • Move to the “jump seat” one stop before your own.

    • No kneeling or turning your body completely around. You may speak to others in your seat or across the aisle.

  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself and inside the bus.

    • Backpacks should be placed on the floor under your legs, or held on your lap.

    • Musical instrument brought on the bus must be held in your lap.

  • Keep the bus neat and orderly.

    • Dispose of waste materials in the basket provided.

    • Cutting, poking holes or drawing on bus seats is vandalism. You will be responsible for paying for the repair or replacement.

    • There is no eating, chewing gum or drinking on the bus.

  • Talk in a normal voice.

    • Use an “indoor” voice for conversation.

    • Keep absolutely quiet when approaching and crossing railroad tracks.

  • The window may be lowered halfway with driver’s permission.

    • Yelling, arms hanging out or throwing things out the bus window is not acceptable.

  • Be polite and respectful of the driver and other riders

    • Swearing, cursing and use of bad language are not appropriate and totally unacceptable.

    • No fighting.

  • Students are not allowed to ride any bus other than their own. With a parent note, signed by school office personnel, you may be able to get off at a different stop on your own bus.

  • The district has equipped all of the buses to run video cameras with audio.

Policy #8600