Business Honor Roll

Our School Board presented certificates to the Wisconsin Association of School Boards Business Honor roll recipients! We thank all of them for their partnership and support. 

Reads by the River – Reads by the River may be a new local business in Waterford, but the Waterford Graded School District has already established a strong connection with the owner, Kelly Klein. One of the areas that Kelly supported us in last year was our reading programming. During our month-long reading frenzy, Reads by the River donated gift cards to students selected to win prizes. She has also helped our district create connections with authors who will come to speak with our students about their creations. Kelly even offers a 20% discount for teachers and librarians ordering books for their schools. This has helped keep our shelves fresh and current with books our students want to read. Lastly, Reads by the River is a big advocate for literacy and has created programming for the Summer of 2022 to help keep our community engaged. Some examples include Children’s Storytime and a Summer Reading Challenge partnership with the Waterford Public Library.

LAB Midwest – Our representative, Mike Dietrich, has been an enormous support to not only our district but surrounding districts. He has hosted in-services for other local schools in our facility to show the curriculum we are using. Because of this, we have increased our collaboration with other teachers, which has helped build the program. Lastly, Mike has provided us discounts on the latest technology equipment and has assisted with our Industry 4.0 curriculum. Because we can test new technology, we can provide feedback to LAB Midwest, and our students receive the opportunity to learn and work on the latest technology. Our new Fabrication Lab would not have been possible without the support of Mike and his team.

Milwaukee Woodworks – Allen Tomaszek with Milwaukee Woodworks has been a valuable partner to Fox River Middle School. He has been providing us with wood material at a pre-covid cost. This has allowed us to save money, continue implementing wood projects in class and keep the costs off of families. Allen has been very generous and even provides us with more expensive wood so our students can do projects with quality supplies. With the different types of wood we are offered, we can make a large variety of projects in class and continue to sell items for our online store. Some of these items include clocks, keepsake boxes, and benches. Students can sell items on our digital storefront. The money we earn is invested back in the classroom for supplies and materials.