Beacon of Hope

Day 4 of National School Social Work Week! We asked our school social workers why did you decide to become a school social worker?

Mrs. Rivera-Kloeppel: Interesting question as my mom reminded me of this the other day. I have always loved helping others since I was very young. Working with the younger population within the schools was a perfect professional match. It provides me the opportunity to help remove barriers to their learning and offer prevention, intervention and crisis services. School social work also allows me to advocate and teach self advocacy as I partner with parents to better understand their child and help with any families resources.

Ms. Francour: I decided to become a school social worker because I have always had a passion for helping others and knew I wanted to be in the school setting in some way. I grew up in a family that was big on volunteering and I really value working alongside others to make an impact. I also think it helps that I have several family members that work in the human services field or in education in some way. :)