Beacon of Hope

WGSD would like to give a shout out to our two School Social Workers, Kim Rivera-Kloeppel and Karlie Francour. “Beacon of Hope: School Social Workers – Lighting the Way” is our theme for School Social Work Week 2021. Today we asked Mrs. Rivera-Kloeppel and Ms. Francour what does "lighting the way" mean to you as a school social worker?

Mrs. Rivera-Kloeppel answered: It means providing communication and support to students, families and staff in order to help make connections with school interventions along with resources in the community. By doing so, my goal is to shed light on pathways for success for each child's specific academic and social-emotional needs.

Ms. Francour answered: "Lighting the way" to me means working alongside students and families as a partnership to break down barriers and be the link for the family between home-school-community resources. It is my hope that by working with them to break down those barriers, it will empower resilience, positive change, and growth.

Thank you ladies for all you do!