Vision Screening

Our school district is happy to welcome back the Lions Club this year to assist our health team with yearly vision screenings.

The Lions Club will visit our schools on the following dates: 

  • Monday, March 6th: Evergreen 
  • Tuesday, March 7th: Fox River
  • Wednesday, March 8th: Trailside 
  • Thursday, March 9th: Woodfield

4K, 5K, and 1st-grade students will have their vision checked with the PlusOptix S12 Mobile Screener.

PlusOptix is the world leader in objective vision screening devices. The mobile screener provides immediate and reliable pass/refer screening results and binocular testing of both eyes within 1 second.

2nd-8th grade students will have their vision screen completed using either the PlusOptix camera or a Snellen chart.

If your student passes the screening, you will NOT receive a notification from the school. If your student fails the screening, the school nurse will notify you via email or phone call and guide you on the next steps of the referral process.

If your child wears glasses or contacts, please be sure they have access to them during the screening process.

The Lions Club vision screening is a one-day event. If your child is absent from school during the event day, please contact me (, so a Snellen chart screening can be scheduled for another time.

Be Well, 

Rachel Pankonin, BSN RN District Nurse